Press Conference "Cocoburi" Namhom Coconut water with young coconut meat

By Admin I 18 March 2020

Thai Coconut readies to penetrate the ready-to-drink coconut water market in Thailand, introducing "COCOBURI", a 100% Namhom Coconut Water With young coconut meat  in Bottle, which are now available at 7-Eleven convenient stores and leading stores nationwide.


"Thai Coconut", a world-class processed coconut exporter and producer, launches "COCOBURI", a 100% Namhom Coconut Water With Pulp In Bottle, under the campaign "COCOBURI - The Real Aroma and Taste of Namhom Coconut", telling the story for being the number 1 in the coconut water. With the efficiency to reach consumers through 7-Eleven convenient stores and many leading stores nationwide, the company is confident to achieve over 100 million baht sells in its first year of the product launching.


Worawat Chinpinkyo Ph.D.   , Chief Executive Officer, Thai Coconut Public Company Limited, one of Thailand’s leading producers, processors, and exporters of processed coconut products, said that with the experience and expertise in the production and processing of coconut products for over 11 years, now the company has a production capacity of over 7,000 tons per month. According to the international trade statistics of Thailand in the year 2019, it showed that Thai Coconut Public Company Limited is Thailand’s largest exporter of coconut milk to the Europe continent, while being Thailand’s second largest export for coconut milk to the world market. 


Currently, Thai Coconut PLC exports products to various markets worldwide such as the United States, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, and Asian countries. The company is being a manufacturer of products under the leading global brands (OEM), while also processing coconut products for exporting in a variety of integrated products under different brands including “Thai COCO” brand, and “COCOBURI” brand -  a product from Namhom coconut, fresh Namhom coconuts, and 100% ready to drink Namhom coconut  water with pulp.


"The company has policies to present good quality products for selling in domestic as well as export to all over the world. We want to offer good quality products in respond to Thai consumers who want to drink coconut water which has a touch of real taste coconut water, texture, and natural aroma as if they drink from real coconut. Consequence, we have been developing a new product under the brand "COCOBURI", a 100% Namhom Coconut Water With Pulp to meet the real demand for coconut but in more convenient packaging," Mr.Worawat said.


The strength of Thai Coconut is the selection of good quality coconut from Ratchaburi province, where is recognized as one of the best growing coconut plantations in the world and a homeland of Namhom coconut. Our products pass the production process that is certified in accordance with GMP standards. Thus, our Namhom coconut water is clean, pure, with no contamination. In addition, "COCOBURI" is more special by adding young coconut pulp that has been carefully selected so that consumers can experience the real taste and texture with aroma that give them not only a deliciousness, but also enjoy with the texture of real pulp as if they drink a real and fresh coconut. "COCOBURI", a 100% Namhom coconut water with pulp, is a natural drink that is suitable for consumers of all ages and can choose to drink at any time. This will ensure that "COCOBURI" will become a favorite drink among Thai consumers, and will be popular in the Thai market. The company set to achieve a total sale worth 100 million baht in the first year of the product’s launching. Meanwhile, the overall market value for ready-to-drink coconut water in Thailand was valued 900 million baht last year. Of these, 600 million contributed from 100% coconut water and premium coconut water, which is accounted by  66%, and about 300 million baht, accounting for 34% are from other coconut water. From the rising trend for consuming natural beverages for a good health, the company has foreseen it as an opportunity to fully penetrate this market this year.


Miss Paveenuch Jampatin  , Strategic Marketing Executive, Thai Coconut Public Company Limited, said that the company prepares to spend about 50 million baht as a marketing budget to create brand awareness through 360 degree marketing strategies, which those activities are included an advertising through various media in both offline and online channels, the launching of the advertising campaign "COCOBURI -  The Real Aroma and Taste of Namhom Coconut " through an advertisement film that tells the story of "COCOBURI" through the cartoon character namely "Namhom" a young coconut that travels to find the missing family until he found his "Namhom family" in COCOBURI’s bottle. The story tells that no matter how the external appearance has been changed, it is still a real coconut that has the real aroma and taste of Namhom coconut. This advertising film will be broadcasted starting from today onwards.

Moreover, there will be various marketing activities, such as caravans, giving away, tasting products at the sky train stations from March 22-31, 2020, and there will be special promotions with leading stores nationwide.

  "COCOBURI", a 100% coconut water with pulp, contains in 350 ml. bottles, selling at 25 baht, is available for selling today at 7-Eleven and leading stores nationwide. For more information and marketing activities of COCOBURI, please follow us at and

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