Coconut Milk and Coconut cream

Culinary coconut milk and coconut cream freshly squeeze from coconut, available from 5 - 24% Fat in both conventional and organic.

Our coconut milk awarded Superior Taste Award 3 Stars in 2019 from International Taste Institute, Belgium


  • No added color

  • No added flavor

  • No Preservative


Canned Coconut milk 165 ml.

Canned Coconut milk 400 ml.

Canned Coconut milk 2,900 ml.


UHT Coconut milk 200 ml.

UHT Coconut milk 250 ml.

UHT Coconut milk 1000 ml.


UHT Coconut Milk 330 ml. (prisma)

UHT Coconut Milk 500 ml. (prisma)

UHT Coconut Milk 750 ml. (prisma)

UHT Coconut Milk 1000 ml. (prisma)